falloutpicIf you were hoping that Bethesda will be making an announcement at the upcoming Spike TV VGX this weekend, prepare to be disappointed. This is according to a tweet made by Bethesda’s Pete Hines who wrote, “I am not going to VGX. Bethesda is not showing/talking about anything at VGX. Just some PR meetings in LA. Take deep breaths.” This is without doubt a huge disappointment for gamers who were hoping that Bethesda would be making some kind of Fallout announcement during the event. After all the company had unveiled Skyrim during the Spike TV VGAs (before it was changed to VGX), so it wouldn’t be a stretch for them to announce something new this year.

Rumors of Fallout 4 have been circling for a while now, although it was recently with the launch of a mysterious “The Survivor 2299” website that fueled speculation that a Fallout 4 announcement was imminent. Additional updates all seemed to make reference to previous Fallout games and the franchise in general. However the countdown clock on the website did not line up with the Spike TV VGX, leading some to believe that perhaps the website could be a hoax, especially since you can register a website under a different name, not necessarily your real one. Either way there is still a slim chance that the countdown clock could point to a separate announcement, but in the meantime we suggest you not get your hopes up just yet.

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