video-chromeWe have reliable information that Google is right now developing an update to their Chrome OS camera app which will see the introduction of new features, where among them would include support for video recording, not to mention being able to upload what you have just recorded directly to YouTube or Google Plus. Oh yeah, did we mention, there will also be an option for one to perform a synchronization of your photos regardless of the number of Chrome devices that you own.

Of course, those features will not be available right there and then, but we are pleased to note that the initial build of this new Chrome OS camera app is already available for download from the Chrome Web Store for select users. As for the rest of the people who have yet to see it, patience is the key card to play here, since it ought to make its way to the masses pretty soon. It must be noted that majority of the devices which run on Chrome OS happen to be laptops which will come with front-facing webcams, and hence this camera app should not be seen as a solution to capture high resolution movies that would impress anyone, but rather, for impromptu moments when you do not have a better choice to capture a photo other than your mobile device.

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