Chromecast Now Able To Stream Web-Based Google Play Content


Google’s Chromecast has been on a roll lately with its updates as not only did a new build for the streaming dongle release recently, but it also received the support of ten new content partners, which included Revision 3, Avia, RealPlayer Cloud and Plex. It seems the Chromecast updates train just keeps chugging along as owners of the dongle will be able to stream Google Play music and movie content from the web, smartphones and tablets through the use of the Google Cast extension for Chrome.

You would think Google would allow its Google Play store to be the first to be able to stream content directly to Chromecast, but Netflix and YouTube have both been playing nice with the Google Cast extension for several months now. No matter, as today’s news means you’ll now be able to play Google Play content on your Chromecast with ease through your web browser as well as your mobile devices.

As Google adds more and more content partners and capabilities to the Chromecast, the $35 price of entry is one we can say is extremely cheap considering just how much you can get out of the dongle. I have a feeling 2014 will be a big year for Google’s Chromecast.

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