I am quite sure that many folks were awed when they saw how Jean-Claude Van Damme managed to perform a split for a Volvo ad, showing just how tough and yet versatile and agile he still is at his age. Having said that, there could only be one other person who could be able to top that, and it would be none other that the legendary Chuck Norris. In the video above, Chuck himself was seen performing a split nonchalantly on the tips of the wings of two fighter jets, in addition to carrying up to 11 soldiers on his shoulders (who formed a pyramid and carried some sort of LED lights to represent a Christmas tree, I suppose) without breaking a sweat – at that crazy altitude, too.

It will surely add more credence and weight to the ever expanding Chuck Norris facts list, although humanly speaking, this feat is impossible – which is why it is none other than Chuck Norris who starred in the video, enlisting some CGI help along the way, of course. The holiday video hails from Hungarian animation firm Delov Digital, and it remains to be seen whether Norris worked directly with Delov in this matter. It is nice to have some laughter after a particularly long day at work.

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