circuit-scribeThere has been pretty interesting crowdfunding projects in the past, and here we are with another potential winner in the form of the Circuit Scribe. The Circuit Scribe resembles that of an average ballpoint pen, but it does a whole lot more than that as you can tell by the name of this unique Kickstarter project. There are three more weeks left in the Kickstarter campaign for the Circuit Scribe, and with half of the amount left to go, it ain’t too shabby as it could still meet the target in due time.

Jennifer Lewis, Brett Walker and Analisa Russo are the ones behind the Circuit Scribe, where it is meant to be a basic tool which would allow students to get a better idea on just what a circuit is all about, as well as how electronics would function. You could more or less say that the Circuit Scribe is a DIY electronic kit, where you can also pick up additional components to go along with it. In the future, we could be on the receiving end of resistor and insulator pens, with the team working on an educational portal for STEM students in order to maximize their Circuit Scribe pens. [Kickstarter Page]

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