Contact Lenses That Dispense Drugs Could Be Effective Glaucoma Treatment ToolDoctors are more often than not keen to find out whether their patients have been taking the right dose of medication, and on time, too. There has been a fair amount of methods that are being practised to make sure that patients do take their medication on time, all the time, but how about something more passive? Here is another pair of drug-eluting contact lenses that could pave the way for prolonged delivery of anti-glaucoma eye drops, so that the patient does not need to do so himself or herself.

The treatment of glaucoma primarily requires the use of certain eye drops that will then lower the eye pressure, but results of a study by a team from Massachusetts Eye and Ear after testing a pair of recently developed contacts have showed that a new pair of “smart” contact lenses could be the solution to such a problem. These contact lenses will boast of encapsulated latanoprost-polymer films, where it not only delivers drugs, but will also be able to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness. Sure as heck sounds like a miraculous medical product, don’t you think so? It remains to be seen when will such contact lenses hit the mainstream market, and for how much when they do.

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