edens-paperThis Christmas, you might want to take the road less traveled when it comes to wrapping your gifts. I am quite sure that many of us just tear into our gifts without giving too much thought into the kinds of wrapping paper that we use, and afterwards, we either recycle those wrapping papers or throw it away without a second thought. Well, here is a radical idea – why not “plant” your wrapping paper underneath some good soil? This is what Eden’s Paper is all about, being a wrapping paper that comes embedded with seeds, so that you will be able to have them sprout into vegetables to give you something green and leafy to chew on after all of the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Eden’s Paper is an idea that was mooted by the UK-based firm BEAF, on behalf of a print factory. The wrapping paper itself will come printed with the cultivar that it holds, and it is definitely garden-ready, whether torn or otherwise. As to the different kinds of crops that it will be able to yield, you can choose from chili, carrot, onion, tomato and broccoli, or for those who love variety and think that it is the spice of life, why not settle for a mixed package instead? The paper itself is made out of recycled fibers and is printed with organic vegetable inks.

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