Lighting,_Mini,_Micro,_&_USB_3.0_plugsIf there is a drawback to using an iOS device in an environment where everyone uses Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry, is how you would be hard pressed to find a charger for your phone. After all Android users can simply swap chargers with one another since all Android devices rely on micro USB for charging, and this is a standard the EU lawmakers are hoping all smartphone manufacturers will adhere to come 2017, assuming of course the regulation is passed. The draft is currently being written up and if successful, could see its implementation until 2017, or maybe even later.

The regulation calls on manufacturers, at least as far as Europe is concerned, to adhere to a standard of chargers. Apple will be the company most likely to be affected by this as they are one of the few companies remaining that uses a proprietary charging port and cable of its own. Apple’s reasons for the Lighting adapter is to create a reversible charger that can fit regardless of which way you plug it in, not to mention it allows Apple to design their phones around their own technology, allowing them to make their devices thinner than if they had to use a micro USB.

This is not the first time we’ve heard the EU propose such a standard, but it looks like the time of talking could be coming to an end as the draft legislation is expected to be voted on as soon as March 2014.

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