facebook_logoSchools are a place of learning and growing, but if there is a way to make things faster and more efficient, why not? The Internet can be said to be an indispensable part of life these days, so much so that having a fast connection would make perfect sense in order for students to take advantage of the top tier electronic learning tools on hand that are in the market. A non-profit organization known as EducationSuperhighway claims that majority of schools out there do not have decent connections that would be able to teach students digital skills such as basic computer programming, and hence they are collaborating with K-12 school districts in order to deliver fast Internet to the forefront.

This program was recently launched nationwide, where it was also the recipient of an unspecified amount of funding from the Gates Foundation. Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg’s very own $100 million fund known as Startup: Education, will also play a role in this. Zuckerberg mentioned, “When schools and teachers have access to reliable Internet connections, students can discover new skills and ideas beyond the classroom. The future of our economy and society depend largely on the next generation using and building new online tools and services, and I’m glad to support EducationSuperHighway’s work.”

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