fb-video-adsThe very same pattern happens over and over again – there is a new online service which is the talk of town, and just about everyone and their aunt have signed up for it. Wait for a few more months, and the subscriber base grows to even greater proportions, and talk is rife that the company is preparing to roll out an IPO so that it can expand even more.


Well, after a while, you start to notice that things are not really the same any more in terms of the user interface. An ad starts to pop up here, and there is another ad there, and before you know it, you wish there was a new software which could remove all of the ads shown. Facebook might get on the nerves of some soon, with the introduction of video advertisements that will kick off with a series of ads for the upcoming film, Divergent.

The ads will be played automatically on select news feeds, although it will be a silent ad unless you actually click on them, and sound playback will be activated. As for ads on mobile devices, those will have been downloaded ahead of time whenever said device in question was hooked up to a local Wi-Fi network. Do you think that this change is a positive one, or will it deter folks from posting?

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