facebook-autofillWhen it comes to Android apps, one size does not fit all, unfortunately. This is due to Android devices being extremely varied in the sense of hardware as well as software, with some devices running on older builds of Android, while some have the latest version. Well perhaps in a bid to help optimize their app for Android devices across the board, ranging from low-end to high-end, word on the street has it that Facebook is looking acquire an Indian startup company called Little Eye Labs. The company provides performance analysis and optimization tools for Android developers, and according to a report by India’s Business Standard, Facebook and Little Eye Labs are reportedly in advanced talks.

While it is unclear as to what Facebook might want with such a company, like we said earlier, it has been speculated that Facebook could be looking for a way to better optimize its app across the wide range of Android devices out there. While the app runs fine on high-end devices, low-end devices might tell a different story, and if Facebook can create an optimized app and experience, they will be able to attract more users onto its network. This acquisition might not be such a surprise either as Google had acquired Flexycore, a company specializing in Android optimization as well.

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