farmheroesAre there versions of a Facebook game that has made its way over to the mobile device platform with huge success? Sure, and this particular phenomenon is not limited to just one way traffic, as there are other titles that have made it big on the mobile platform before being ported over to Facebook, although it seems to be the other way around more often than not. Farm Heroes Saga, an extremely popular Facebook game from King, the folks behind Candy Crush, is all set to hit both the iOS and Android platforms from early 2014 onward.

This is a free-to-play game that will definitely get the attention of folks who cannot wait to be farmers, where one will have to put a stop to Rancid the Raccoon’s evil attempts in desecrating the farm’s peaceful and carefully balance ecology. There will be 100 levels to challenge interested gamers, where one will have to switch and match different ‘Cropsie’ characters in rows of three or more. The mobile version of the game will also come with Facebook synchronization, letting you continue from wherever you have stopped playing without missing a beat. Will it be as successful as Candy Crush? We do not think so, but it might just be a successful game by its own right.

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