Some games are able to rely on the very same premise for many years before it starts to run out of steam, requiring a new and fresh injection of ideas in order to be relevant to the current generation. I would like to think that Mario is starting to run out of steam as a platformer, considering how its sales on the Nintendo Wii U has not been particularly encouraging, especially for a first party title on the platform. Well, Final Fantasy has had its highs and lows in the past, and it seems that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with Patch 2.1, where it will be known as “A Realm Awoken”, is all set to tempt a generation of gamers – old or new, it does not matter.

In the latest trailer that runs all of 10 minutes long, it will showcase a couple of new dungeons, new housing features, as well as a bunch of new “Extreme” difficulty primal encounters, or so it seems. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s “A Realm Awoken” patch will roll out on December 17 at the earliest, which is not too far away, but waiting with full of anticipation can be quite an agonizing affair. Ask a guy who is waiting for an answer after a proposal, when one is on one’s knees with the eyes of everyone in the restaurant watching, 10 seconds can feel like an eternity.

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