fujifilm-x-e2-hands-on-4At the moment most cameras do not sport full-frame sensors as these are usually requirements by professionals and not necessarily by the average photographer, but as technology becomes cheaper and more readily available, we are starting to see more full-frame cameras that do not necessarily cost an arm and a leg to purchase. However it seems that despite full-frame cameras starting to become more prevalent, Fujifilm does not appear to have any plans for such a device at the moment, which could be disappointing news for the professional photographer or the photography enthusiast looking to step up their game.

Speaking to the folks at 2how.com, Fujifilm manager, Mr. Kawahara, revealed that the reason behind Fujifilm’s decision not to launch a camera would have to do with the company’s current lineup of camera lenses which do not support a full-frame sensor, meaning that the company would have to launch a new lineup of lenses for photographers. We’re not sure if this is an investment that Fujifilm does not want to embark upon due to monetary issues, or if they do not believe that there will be too great a demand to justify said investment, but for now full-frame cameras would be out of the question. Any photographers out there want to weigh in on Fujifilm’s decision? Sound off in the comments below!

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