Google’s cloud-based Compute Engine service has just been launched after this virtual-machine service has completed its beta testing, which is definitely good news to those who are interested in the service. With its launch, it would result in lower prices and new features for the masses. In fact, the Compute Engine service will be part of the Google Cloud Platform, where it will go up against rivals such as Windows Azure and Amazon EC2. Part of this service will include the ability to access virtual machines which can then be scaled accordingly, depending on the application at that point in time.

Compute Engine has been specially designed in order to integrate with the other Cloud Platform products, where among them include storage and database services, App Engine web-app hosting, and App Services. Not only that, Google will also throw in a sweetener after announcing a drop in the price of Persistent Disk storage by a whopping 60% per gigabyte, while the I/O fees would also see a price drop along the way. In addition, this particular service would also receive an update that will see the introduction of more capabilities, where these will be made available for new or existing customers immediately so that developers have the luxury of running virtually all out-of-the-box Linux distributions and any kernels or software. [Press Release]

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