drive-iosIt has been quite a day for iOS users, as we have learned that the Amazon Cloud Drive photos app on the iOS platform has received native iPad as well as video upload support, which is a good thing, really. After all, as an end user of any product, would you turn down the wonders of additional features especially when you do not need to fork out a single cent more for them? The folks over at Google, too, have a little something for iOS users, as they have added a new function on Google Drive for iOS, allowing users who use the app on a compatible iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad will be able to sort the various items within the Google Drive application.

This feature is definitely far from groundbreaking, but it is useful in its own right, making it a snap to keep track of all your recently modified folders as well as files. Apart from that, you can also expect the customary bunch of changes and improvements made to the backend to accompany this particular update. All in all, it should be a whole lot more stable as well as smoother to work with. Have you noticed any improvements on your side after installation? [iTunes Link]

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