The North American Aerospace Defense Command directs its super sensitive equipment to track Santa Claus every year, its sort of a tradition now, one that’s bound to be loved by kids all around the world. The world of technology and intelligence is full of competition so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that there’s a new service out there that directly competes with NORAD’s Santa tracker. Google has thrown its hat in the ring as well, developed a Santa tracker of its own with Google Maps baked right into it, allowing people to see exactly where in the world Santa and his reindeers are spreading joy.

Initially Google launched the Santa Tracker game earlier this month, it remains live even now. The tracker, however, went live recently and lets people track him wherever he might be in the world. Through Santa’s dashboard, they can also see what his next location is going to be be. Google’s Santa tracker is accessible through a web browser, there’s also an app for Android devices. If you’re one of the lucky few who have their hands on a Google Glass, there’s a Santa tracker app available for it as well, which shows notifications about his movements in Glass’ heads up display.

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