In this day and age, it doesn’t surprise anyone when someone comes up with an idea to improve data collection of any particular aspect of our lives. Companies such as Nest have already proved the benefit of having smart energy control systems that help users filter through data and adjust their use, resulting in lower bills. Nest’s thermostat has built-in Wi-Fi and it is capable of learning user preferences for heating and cooling. Google too is reportedly toying with a similar idea apparently called EnergySense. It has reportedly been conducting tests of internet connected thermostats through which users can monitor and adjust power use.

According the The Information, which claims to have received a document detailing EnergySense, the company has been registering non-employees as “Trusted Testers” of its internet connected thermostats in St. Louis and probably in other areas as well. Google isn’t venturing in this arena for the first time. It shut down a web app project called PowerMeter back in 2011, it allowed users to track the electricity usage of their households. It is believed that for EnergySense thermostats, Google will partner up with other manufacturers for production. Google hasn’t confirmed as yet if it has any plans of releasing these smart thermostats anytime soon.

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