A couple of months ago, Blizzard finally took the wraps off Heroes of the Storm, the company’s first MOBA game (we suppose DotA doesn’t count since it was not developed by them). The game had previously been known as Blizzard All-Stars and was in development for the past few years, which is typical of Blizzard who has been known to delay releases in order to ensure a good product is released.  In any case last we saw, Blizzard had released the game’s cinematic trailer as well as some gameplay trailers, but for gamers who are wondering just how a game of Heroes of the Storm plays out, you will be pleased to learn that actual gameplay footage has since been released.

This footage shows us what the game looks like, right from the launch screen, all the way into a match itself. The game is played by Mike “Husky” Lamond along with the game’s director, Dustin Browder, where commentary on the game is provided while the game is played. Blizzard has also promised to share more news regarding development on a more regular basis from now on. Either way if you’re looking forward to seeing what the game has in store for you, be sure to check out the video above, but note that it runs for almost 20 minutes, so you might want to grab some popcorn and enjoy it!

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