chromebook-homelessNormally, a homeless person would have life a whole lot tougher than someone with a job and can get three square meals a day, without having to worry about whether he or she has no place to rest his or her head on a comfortable pillow at night. Well, this homeless man is not going to let his situation get him down, as he learned just how to code on his Google Chromebook in a matter of 16 weeks, and has successfully released his first mobile application that is known as “Trees for Cars”.

Leo Grand actually invested several hours daily to code the carpooling application on his refurbished Chromebook all the while he was living on the streets. This particular app will play nice on both the Android and iOS platforms, where the main intention of it would be to help ensure the environment is well kept for the future generation by hooking up drivers who are more than willing to share their ride with others to a similar destination. In “Trees for Cars”, the driver will select the rendezvous point of his own convenience, where the app will suggest nearby passengers. Of course, it requires an agreement from both parties to the invitation before they are connected to each other. Right now, this app is available for $0.99 a pop, and Grand hopes to make enough money to help see him make a career in programming and app development.

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