hp-prodesk-600-800-004Although desktop PCs are not really the flavor of the month in terms of “wants” from employees, they remain one of the more cost-efficient compute methods. Since it’s hard to make those desktop PCs “sexy”, it looks like HP is trying to make them as invisible and cost-efficient as possible by introducing an updated ProDesk series. The 600 G1 pictured above is the smallest of them and can be connected to up to 3 displays, comes with SSD storage and more importantly the latest Intel vPro manageability.

For regular consumers, the $489 price tag of the 600 G1 (the 800 costs $669)may not seem to be such a great deal, but keep in mind that in the Enterprise space, it is really the computer management and maintenance that become very expensive over time. The remote management features often save a ton of time to the IT staff, which translate into shorter downtime to the employee using the computer. Also, HP typically promises to provide this exact configuration for a number of years, which allows the IT team to easily replace them with the exact same configuration if needed. This is something that is nearly impossible to do with off the shelf computers. The new ProDesk desktop computers will be available in April 2014, so this is quite an early announcement.

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