iPads Still Popular Amongst Enterprise UsersAccording to the latest figures, iPads are pretty popular amongst the holiday shoppers, but that’s not all as an analyst believes that iPads are still pretty popular amongst enterprise users as well, and those numbers are growing. In fact it was just last year that Apple boasted that 94% of Fortune 500 companies and 85% of the Global 500 were either testing or have already deployed iPads amongst its employees, so we guess based on Wedge Partners’ analyst, Brian Blair, Apple’s momentum has not slowed down in the least.

According to Blair, he claims that there have been big gains for the iPad over the past few months, which he attributed to BlackBerry’s “failure” and Android’s inability to gain meaningful traction in the enterprise space. For BlackBerry, Blair states that the company’s decision and willingness to sell itself might have shaken the confidence that companies might have had for them, and gave them an excuse to start looking towards alternatives.

Blair also stated that one of the reasons Apple is doing so well in enterprise, despite Android having a much larger market share, is possibly due to malware concerns. “While a more popular platform than iOS globally, [Android] is seeing very low adoption rates in the enterprise overall, particularly with tablets […] We believe that most IT managers are avoiding the platform for large-scale rollouts and support due in large part to malware concerns.” What do you guys think?

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