nsaThe NSA is not exactly a government organization that is in everyone’s good books, and considering how they are able to eavesdrop on your private cellphone conversations is a serious matter. We have gotten wind that a federal judge declared today that the National Security Agency’s collection of telephone records of millions of Americans would most likely be in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s ban on unreasonable search. This particular ruling was filed and accompanied by some rather harsh criticism of the Obama administration’s reasons, making it the first of its kind where the NSA is concerned, and as some would keep their fingers crossed, it will not be the last.

The judge also mentioned, should the NSA’s “metadata” collection of records happen to pass constitutional muster, it is a flimsy excuse to have considering how it has not exactly prevented a terrorist attack in the past. This particular ruling might prove to be the precursor of things to come, and will in all probability, open up the door to the entire spectrum of records collection and storage. Finally, some folks might say that justice is being served in the interest of the people, and who knows? We no longer need to be that paranoid in the future when talking to one another over the phone, via SMS or email.

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