Flexible_Display_345Both Samsung and LG have unveiled devices with flexible displays in the form of the Galaxy Round and the G Flex, and while both devices have flexible displays in the sense that they are able to bend and hold its shape, they aren’t truly flexible in the sense of the word, and based on what we can see, we might expect such displays to become available only in a few years’ time. However a professor at one of South Korea’s top universities, Kim Yun-hi, believes that truly flexible displays could become available in the mainstream market in 2014, and that in a few years’ time, displays that can be rolled out and put into our pockets will become mainstream as well.

So why does Kim believe that this will happen? Well as it stands, Kim’s group of researchers are currently responsible for developing a flexible organic polymer that will allow for bending and flexing in displays, as opposed to current technology which allows screens to be curved. It is also her research that companies are reportedly interested in, which we guess could explain her confidence that such displays could indeed hit the market as early as 2014. However devices like the Galaxy Round and G Flex feel more gimmicky than functional, but who knows what the future has in store for us?

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