lol-featuresIt was not too long ago that Riot decided to share a little teaser for what will happen to League of Legends in this coming holiday season, where among them include a comprehensive list of confirmed vintage skins which will be making their way back to the market. Apart from that, there was also a teaser for the new featured Snowdown mode, which would most probably point gamers in the direction of a certain degree of objective-based gameplay.

While certain League of Legends matches do happen to require the completion of objectives, the main one lies in destroying the enemy Nexus. In the 1v1/2v2 Snowdown mode, which so happens to be a variant of the Howling Abyss map, players are able to achieve victory simply by mopping up a certain objective. Considering how arriving at a victory is a road that has many paths, which particular one will you take? Decisions, decisions! Well, nobody said that being a dedicated gamer is an easy thing to do in the first place, what more when you need to make split second decisions on the spot, or to work out a particular game strategy before the match actually starts. At the very least, gaming will hone your decision making process.

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