The northern hemisphere is currently experience the end of fall, which means winter is coming, but those in the souther hemisphere are enjoying the good life as spring is in full bloom, which means lawns have to be mowed. You could use an actual functioning lawnmower that will be able to cut your grass, or you could just use a LEGO lawnmower to look extremely cool in your front yard as the your grass slowly, but surely, grows around it.

The LEGO lawnmower you see above was created by artist Sean Kenney along with his assistants. The lawnmower took over 200 hours to not only design, but build as well as it took 13,704 individual LEGO bricks to create it.

The LEGO lawnmower was created for Kenney’s traveling LEGO exhibition Nature Connects, which is currently touring the U.S. through 2016 and is now exhibiting in the North Carolina Arboretum in Ashevill, NC through January 5, 2014. The LEGO lawnmower won’t be the only creation Kenny makes available to view during the show as you can expect some additional creations to be on display.

As we said earlier, the LEGO lawnmower isn’t completely functional, but we’re sure it’ll call the attention of someone who owns a real lawnmower to help mow your lawn for you.

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