Many analysts expect various smartphone manufacturers to join forces in order to effectively challenge the two behemoths that have a firm grasp on the global smartphone market, Apple and Samsung. Various possible mergers have been rumored before, but none have emerged so far. Local Korean media has circulated a few rumors that LG might be looking into a partnership with Chinese manufacturer Huawei. However, LG has confirmed directly to Ubergizmo that both companies haven’t had talks as yet and that LG is in no mood of entering into a partnership right now, with anyone for that matter.

The reports which claimed that LG was seeking a merger quoted analysts who believe that to bolster its “fragile” smartphone business, LG is open to teaming up with Huawei. On the face of it, a partnership between the two doesn’t look too bad. Huawei has a firm grasp on the low-end segment of the market in particular regions, whereas LG is known for its superbly made high-end devices like the G2 and the Nexus 5, devices that enjoy exposure to all major global markets. Despite what most people would call an obvious advantage, LG says that no discussions are or have taken place with Huawei on any aspect of its business. Would the company consider a partnership, with Huawei or any other OEM in the future? Time will tell, but for now, it is flying solo.

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