v510-leakedIt was just at the beginning of this month when we brought you speculation surrounding the LG V510, where certain quarters claim that this could very well be the Nexus 8 that is about to be released sometime down the road. Well, @evleaks has dropped another hint recently that the LG V510 tablet could very well be an 8” tablet. If one were to take a step back and cast an eye in the direction of the LG G Pad 8.3 which carries the codename V500, then the V510 might fool folks into thinking that this is a variant of the LG G Pad 8.3, save for the fact that it boasts of LTE connectivity or something similar, but @evleaks claimed otherwise.

Well, an image of the LG V510 has started to make its rounds, with specifications that agree with @evleaks’ assessment – that this will be a Wi-Fi only model, although it will come with different internal coding. There is also a lack of Nexus branding anywhere, while there are mistakes in the manual when it comes to the English language. As to whether this will be the first Nexus 8 to hit the market or not, that remains to be seen. As far as the world is concerned, LG has a new tablet up their sleeves.

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