Man Too Engrossed In Game To Notice His Car Was On FireWe get it, sometimes games can be particularly engrossing to the point where we might not be aware of how much time has passed, or we might miss phone calls or text messages, or we could completely not be aware of someone knocking at the door, but how addicted or engrossed do we have to be to the point where we are not aware that we are sitting in a burning vehicle? According to reports out of China (via Games In Asia), it seems that a man from the Nanjing province in China barely escaped with his life after being in a burning vehicle.

According to the reports, a passerby was walking down the street when he noticed the man’s BMW’s undercarriage on fire, but apparently the driver was too engrossed in his mobile phone game to even notice. Either that or he was too addicted/obsessed. In any case the report claims that the entire vehicle went up in flames and by the time the fire fighters arrived, they were too late to save the vehicle which was left as a smouldering wreck. What do you guys make of this? What’s the most distracted that you have ever been?

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