yeahMetaPro_shot_one03We’re sure by now most of you guys have seen the Iron Man movie franchise, and whether you love or hate the movie, the technology in the movie is pretty damn cool, in particular Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. computer system in which he is able to interact with the system whilst in the Iron Man suit as it helps provide him with detailed information about his enemies, their location, patch him through phone calls, as well as provide statistics about his suit.

Either way it is pretty rad and a company called Meta is hoping to bring that same experience to the real world in the form of a pair of aviator sunglasses that comes with a computer attached to it.

In a way this does seem a little like Google Glass except that instead of providing the wearer with basic information, like weather updates, navigation, and a camera, Meta is hoping to provide the wearer with much more which is precisely what its founder, Meron Gribetz, envisioned when he first started the company.

For example the glasses will allow the wearer to turn their surroundings into a working environment, and through hand-tracking algorithms built into the glasses, wearers will be able to call up and fling different windows onto a variety of surfaces, such as walls or tables, in which they are able to work with.

In fact thanks to the built-in 9-axis inertial measure unit in the glasses, the wearer will be able to turn their head and focus on a different part of the scene, and when they turn back, their windows will be where they had originally placed them!

The consumer version of the glasses, known as the Meta Pro, was designed by Martin Hasek, an industrial designer who used to work for Nike. While photos were not allowed to be taken, the actual product is said to be a tad bulkier than what is pictured above and will be connected to a wearable computer. At the moment there are two version of the Meta glasses, the Meta Pro designed for consumers which will cost $3,000, and the Meta.01 dev unit which is priced at $667.

The difference in price is due to the difference in hardware, with the Pro model featuring better quality hardware than the dev unit. While we have yet to try the Meta glasses out for ourselves, it sounds like an incredible piece of technology that proves that we aren’t too far away from the type of technology that we have only seen in the movies.

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