GuardianIn the past we have seen technology attempt to help women in times of distress, such as underwear that could electrocute a would-be rapist, and devices like watches that will send out distress calls to the police, friends, and family at the touch of a button. However given that most of us have smartphones these days, Microsoft India has released a safety app called Guardian that acts like the watch we mentioned earlier, and will allow selected parties to track the user’s movements and alert them whenever they feel like they might be in danger. The app is free for download although it seems that some are reporting that currently the app appears to be an exclusive for India, while others have had no problems downloading an installing it.

The app will allow users to add multiple friends or family to their list, all of whom will be informed during emergency situations. The app will also feature a touch one video activation that will allow the user to begin video capture which could be used as evidence, and will also bring about Live Tile support for quick access to the SOS button. We have yet to try the app out for ourselves so we cannot speak for its effectiveness, but either way it probably won’t hurt to download it and take it for a spin yourself.

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