microsoft-nokiaAs you might have heard, the deal between Microsoft and Nokia is expected to be completed soon as most regulatory bodies, such as the European Commission and the US Department of Justice, have given it their blessing, along with the shareholders of Nokia themselves. Now it will be interesting to see what will be the result of their merging, and if it will help Microsoft slowly start to gain on the likes of iOS and Android, but here’s an alternative that some might not have considered.


According to The Financial Express, they have reported that based on the Microsoft-Nokia agreement, it seems that Microsoft might have originally intended to purchase an equity stake in Nokia, as opposed to acquiring them, although we guess from then until now things must have changed for Microsoft and/or Nokia to change their mind. Purchasing an equity stake would have made Microsoft a shareholder of Nokia which could have seen the Redmond company give Nokia a cash infusion, while allowing Nokia to run as a separate entity, leaving the company intact and ultimately in control of themselves.

However acquiring Nokia is not a bad thing as it would definitely help against the competition from Apple and Samsung, but what do you guys think? Do you think Nokia would have been better off with a cash infusion from Microsoft, as opposed to an outright purchase?

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