motorola_tweet_wood_backs_moto_x-630x630If there was ever a good reason to get the Moto X, apart from it’s pretty nifty always-listening feature, it would be its customization which would allow users to choose a wooden backplate for the device. Unfortunately due to whatever reasons, Motorola has delayed the release of the wooden backplates, although recently leaked photos would suggest that they are on the way. Well according to a recent tweet by Motorola (which oddly enough has since been deleted for whatever reason), they too are teasing that the wooden backplate options are on the way, with the image above accompanying the tweet, along with the message, “Put this DIY project on hold. Trust us.”

Still no word on when we will be seeing the release of the wooden backplate, but hopefully we will be able to expect it by the end of the year. Customers are expected to be able to choose from a handful of different wood types, depending on the their preference, especially since different woods might feel different and will also look different due to the grain. If the previous reports are true, those looking to get their hands on the wooden backplate can expect to pay an extra $50 for it, compared to the other customization options which are free.

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