While email is more or less the standard of communication these days, companies still like to send out snail mail, not to mention our parcels that we order online are also shipped physically and sometimes left in our mailboxes too. Well wouldn’t it be awesome that you could be notified whenever a mail gets left in your mailbox, kind of like a push notification but only for physical mail? Well that’s where Mr. Postman comes in. This is a Kickstarter project that basically combines a smart mailbox along with an app that notifies the user whenever they’ve got a new package, or when the mail they’re trying to send has been picked up.

The mailbox can also be unlocked via a special digital key that only you have access to, or you can provide your neighbors or family with a one-time use password to let them pick up mail for you when you’re on vacation. For those who own multiple properties, fret not because the app is able to control all your mailboxes on all your properties as well, and will provide you with the same notifications regarding mail being delivered or picked up. Best of all, the final design actually resembles a mailbox as opposed to some fancy high-tech design, making it inconspicuous and something that no one would think twice about. As it stands Mr. Postman is a Kickstarter project seeking funding, so to learn more or to pledge a donation, hit up its websitefor the details.

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