Bungie announced Destiny, which was previously expected to be released in spring 2014, will instead be delayed until September 9, 2014 across all of the platforms it’ll be released on. We’re sure many of you are bummed to hear we’ll have to wait nearly two seasons in order to experience Destiny, but to hopefully tide us over until its release, a new trailer for the game has been released.

The new trailer for Destiny features a lot of what we’ve seen already in past trailers, although the game’s newest trailer shows off a ton more enemies, more weapons and finally shows off some cool-looking modes of transportation. There’s even a clip of a Destiny player sliding underneath a rocket that was shot in their direction to pop up and kill the attacker with one shot.

Later on in the trailer, we get a glimpse of some of the locales you’ll be adventuring through in Destiny. As you’d expect from Bungie, each location looks like they’re filled with lush environments that set them apart from one another.

After watching the latest trailer for Destiny, we’re not sure where you’ll stand on the game, but we have a feeling you’ll be cursing the gaming gods for delaying the game until September 9, 2014.

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