Ads from companies that make our favorite products can often induce various emotions, just look at the tear jerker that Google ran for the Nexus 5, Apple’s recent holiday themed ad for its new iPhone was certainly along the same lines. Samsung has released a new ad for its Galaxy Gear smartwatch ahead of the holiday season and lets just be absolutely clear about the fact that it won’t make you cry, but it may make you cringe.

The ad runs for about two and a half minutes and its about two men who are pursuing one woman. Seems like a pretty normal premise but the way Jack, the man touting Galaxy Gear on his wrist, goes about wooing the blonde beauty is actually quite cringeworthy. Not only does he follow the girl around and clandestinely photograph her through the smartwatch, he manages to look creepy doing it. Obviously Jack gets the girl in the end, thanks to his smartwatch hooked up to his Samsung Galaxy Note 3 while the other man is hopelessly lost without the smartwatch. The ad is posted above, do check it out if you’re willing to subject yourself to some cringeworthy content. What is it with ads like these, Nokia went for the horrifying and creepy effect with its latest ad for the Lumia 2520 tablet.

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