nikon-d4The Nikon D4 was released last year and it seems that we might be able to expect an upgrade for the camera in the near future. According to reports, it seems that Nikon Professional Services in Japan has stopped selling the Nikon D4 through their equipment exchange program, which has led some to speculate that Nikon could be looking to release an upgrade of the Nikon D4. This combined with other rumors certainly does suggest that Nikon could be looking to introduce new products come 2014, and with CES 2014 and CP+ around the corner, perhaps we might learn more then.

According to the rumors, then Nikon D4’s upgrade is said to be called the D4s or the D4x, or something similar to that. Production is rumored to be underway already. Nikon had also reportedly put a halt of Df production for a couple of months to ensure that they would be able to push the new D4 camera out before the Olympics, which could explain why Nikon had recently announced a shortage of Df cameras. In any case the specifications of the D4’s upgrade is unknown, but like we said, with CES and CP+ around the corner, hopefully Nikon will announce something then, so check back with us later for the details.

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