Nintendo Updates 3DS With Miiverse Among OthersThe Nintendo 3DS has sold a fair number of consoles, but when you compare it against its predecessor, the Nintendo DS alongside its other variants such as the Nintendo DS Lite, it does not live up to such wild expectations and figures. Still, it is a lovable platform for one to enjoy portable games with, and we were given hints that Nintendo’s Miiverse could eventually wind up on the Nintendo 3DS some time back. Good to know that this is now a reality, as the latest update for the Nintendo 3DS will not only see the Miiverse introduced, it also gets Nintendo Network ID support and a unified eShop wallet for that added level of convenience.

Some would see this to be a huge step when it comes to making sure the fragmented eShop system is unified. After all, console-specific eShops do feature separated digital wallets which can be frustrating at times, especially to those who do not want to manage stuff down to such a macro level. The Miiverse app on the Nintendo 3DS will function in the same manner as that on the Wii U, so hopefully this sense of familiarity will not breed contempt, but rather, make folks happy.

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