nkd-aqua-podWhenever you travel to a foreign country, it would be highly advisable to purchase bottled water to drink from as you make an effort to quench your thirst. After all, you can never quite tell just what kind of nasty stuff that flows from the local tap, and this is where the Kickstarter project known as the NKD AQUA POD come in. The NKD AQUA POD boasts of the ability to be able to transform ordinary tap water into pure mountain quality spring water even as you take a sip, touting to be a revolution in water filtration.

It does not seem all that new as I have seen those fix on filters to taps before that claim the same thing. Basically, the NKD AQUA POD comes with an easy -to-change patent pending filter that will do its job in getting rid of the nasty chlorine taste and odor without having to carry forward the gritty carbon taste that normal carbon filters tend to “share” after the filtration process. Apart from that, the NKD AQUA POD claims to be able to filters out 99% of bacteria and heavy metals from municipal tap water. Assuming this bad boy makes it to the market, would you pick one up for yourself? [Kickstarter Page]

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