No More Woof Translates Doggie Thoughts Into Our LanguageWhile mankind had always managed to bridge communication barriers between different people groups and languages over the course of time thanks to interpreters and scholars in the past, the divide between humans and animals have proven to be one leap too far, a schism too large, to bridge. Dog owners might think that it is all right if one does not know exactly what their pooch is thinking about, since they feel that their dogs understand them all too well, but don’t you think it would be fantastic if you had a better inkling of an idea as to what Fido’s thought processes are? A team of Swedes have come up with No More Woof, a headset that claims to translate dog thoughts into human language.

No More Woof is right now an Indiegogo project, where it will look like any other EEG reading headset, except that it has been specially developed to fit canine heads instead of humans. An Arduino chipset runs at the heart of things, where each time a thought goes through your dog’s brain, No More Woof will perform an analysis on it, before translating it to your language. Do you think that No More Woof will be accurate in its translation?

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