Nokia Accounts For  92.1% Of Windows Phone Install BaseA few years ago when Nokia announced that they would adopt the Windows Phone platform, many were incredulous and mocked them. After all Android was the best choice for the Finnish company given the reach and market share Android had compared to Windows Phone, but we suppose it sort of worked out for Nokia in the end. Not only did they managed to do well enough for Microsoft to acquire them, but it seems that Nokia has managed to make themselves the de facto brand when it comes to Windows Phone handsets.

This is according to the latest figures from AdDuplex which was revealed that Nokia is still leading Windows Phone 8 sales and now accounts for more than 92% of the Windows Phone 8 install base. This is based on information gathered from over 5,000 applications that uses AdDuplex’s services, so while it might be comprehensive, it might not necessarily tell the whole story. AdDuplex goes on to confirm the dominance of a particular Windows Phone handset, which is of the Nokia Lumia 52x family where the Lumia 520 and Lumia 521 account for 43.5% of the Windows Phone 8 install base.

It will be sad to see the Nokia brand go as far as phones are concerned once Microsoft acquires them, but hopefully Microsoft will be able to pick up where Nokia left off and take them to new heights.

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