nokia-headquarters-logo-sign-001-630x472There are a couple of Nokia devices that have been recently rumored that have yet to surface, suggesting that come 2014, we could be in for a treat in the form of an avalanche of Nokia handsets. According to the latest leak, a certain Nokia RM-964 has surfaced and comes with a price tag that would suggest that the handset would be a flagship device for Nokia. While the particulars of the handset remain unknown for the most part, what we do know is that the handset will feature a 5.2” display, and that’s pretty much it for now.

Some are speculating that it could be the international variant of the Nokia Lumia 929, a handset which has yet to be official, but some are calling it a smaller version of the Lumia 1520. Assuming this is true, the Nokia RM-964 could feature a Full HD 1080p display, a quad-core processor, and a 20MP PureView camera. This is purely speculation for now, but hopefully come 2014 we will learn more about the device.

To date there have been other rumored Nokia devices making their way onto the internet, such as the Nokia Normandy, Nokia’s rumored Android device; the Nokia RM-977, a dual SIM budget device; and the Nokia Lumia 2020, an alleged 8.3” Windows RT tablet.

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