parceI don’t know about you, but for someone or a company to lay claim that they have released the “world’s first intelligent energy saving smart device” is a rather large claim to live up to. Parce is bold enough to do so, touting that using it will be able to manage your energy usage to trim 50% off your annual bill, which could amount to a pretty penny, that is for sure. The Parce One happens to be one of the world’s first smart home device that will be able to control the energy usage of all your household devices, helping you trim back on your spending while simultaneously reduce the amount of energy consumed.

The Parce One will connect to the Parce Cloud sans wires, where it will pick up on you energy usage patterns before churning out easy-to-understand visual reports so that you can check out just how much energy you are saving at the moment, in addition to the kind of savings that you will be able to experience. How does it manage your energy usage automatically? It uses pre-defined settings, but you can also opt to have it work with customized settings should the need arise. Basically, the more familiar Parce is with your household, the more efficient and smarter it will be.

Potential annual savings of the Parce One stands at approximately 150€ ($200), and it will take around 6 months to 2 years in order to recoup your investment. [Company Page]

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