A while back we reported on an ultra realistic painting of Morgan Freeman that was done with an iPad app. In fact it was so real that many of you guys were convinced it was a hoax. Well if you still don’t believe that an iPad app could have done that, perhaps you might be even more blown away by this time lapse video in which it shows how an extremely photo realistic painting of Santa Claus was done entirely on Microsoft Paint! Yes, the same Paint software that is used to make stick figures, doodles, and otherwise “bad” pieces of art, has managed to create a masterpiece. Of course this did not happen overnight. In fact the video has been condensed from a little over 50 hours worth of footage because that’s how long it took to make it happen.

Is this entirely possible? Well I’m no artist myself so I can’t speak for technique, but software such as Paint, Photoshop, and other image editing programs are tools to help transfer ideas from the artist’s mind onto canvas. Well, a digital canvas anyway, so if an artist was familiar enough with the concept of shading, lines, and knew enough to manipulate a program, we don’t see why this image could not be the result of such an effort. In any case if you have a few minutes to spare, this is definitely a video worth checking out and one worthy to end 2013 with. What do you guys think?

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