As a soon-to-be father, I can tell you that one of the most challenging new purchases my wife and I have to make is buying a stroller as we want our baby to be as comfortable as possible while we take her out for a stroll. Buying a new stroller each time your child grows out of the old one can be extremely expensive, which is why the Piv-O Stroller is something that I’d be extremely interested in.


The Piv-O Stroller is currently a concept, which means you can’t actually buy the stroller at this point, but hopefully future parents will be able to buy it. The Piv-O Stroller is a convertible stroller that can be transformed from a typical stroller, into a walker that you can help guide your little one while they get used to their wobbly legs, and then a tricycle.

The reason for this concept is to allow parents to save money by purchasing one stroller that will last for much longer than a standard stroller would as it’ll continue to provide a comfortable area for your growing child. I just wish something like this was currently available as the thought of having to buy a new stroller every couple of years has my wallet openly sobbing.

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