pokemon-bank-dcIn September this year, we learned of the existence of the Pokemon Bank, and this time around, we have word that Pokemon Bank has been confirmed for December 27. Just what will Pokemon Bank be able to do? Well, it opens up the door for gamers to be able to transfer Pokemon X as well as Pokemon Y favorites with a free trial. After all, you might just have way too many Pokemon taking up space in your boxes in both games, or happen to have a huge collection of notable Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White, or Black and White version 2, that you cannot wait to port them over to the new generation.

As the Pokemon Bank launches this coming December 27th, transferring those precious Pokemons of yours should not be too much of an issue at all. Apart from that, those who download the Pokemon Bank and its partner app the Poke Transporter between December 27 and January 31 will be able to enjoy a 30-day free trial, before you are charged an annual fee of $4.99 so that it will help offset the server costs. You know what they say, have Internet, will Pokemon, from then on. At least it gives you that “butterflies in the stomach” feeling all over again when December 27th rolls around.

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