3DS_PokemonXandY_Patch2Pokemon X and Pokemon Y gamers, listen up! Just in case you were wondering when will update version 1.2 arrive, and whether it will do so in this lifetime or not, fret not – Nintendo UK has already announced that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y update version 1.2 is ready and available to download. This new version will contain additional fixes, as well as all of the previous fixes that were introduced in Version 1.1. Basically, Nintendo encourages anyone who happens to own Pokémon X or Pokémon Y to download this particular update data, never mind that they had previously downloaded Version 1.1 already.

In the Version 1.2 update, it will also include fixes to the issue where moves which Pokémon learn while evolving with Wonder Trade are not appearing. Apart fro that, another issue solved would be the one where certain users are unable to view the promotion video tagline in the Lumiose City event. Not only that, unseen changes would also include the way th eInternet connection method works. Do bear in mind that Version 1.2 is a required download if one were to access Pokémon X and Pokémon Y features that require the Internet after December 13th, 2013. Just make sure you have the most recent version of the Nintendo 3DS system software version installed before you download this Version 1.2 update. [Press Release]

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