3D printing isn’t mainstream right now, but its definitely not the final frontier, there’s a world beyond it as well. 4D prints might be a new concept for the average joe to wrap his head around, but its actually quite simple. Printvid, the world’s first full package for making 4D video prints, adds two additional dimensions to a printed image, third being depth and fourth being time, which is necessary for displaying motion. Printvid can transform all visual media into a 4D print while protecting it from color fading, water and scratches. Best of all, users don’t need to add additional hardware to their device or normal inkjet printer.

What it basically does is use lenticular printing technology and cloud software that helps people make 4D prints using their conventional inkjet printers. There are a lot of uses for this technology, it can be used to create 4D magnets, puzzles, calendars, educational material for children, 3D art and much more. Through the Printvid Cloud app, users can prepare their photos and videos for 4D printing, filters and effects can be applied, texts and frames can be added after which it can be transformed in an interlaced image which will be ready for printing. Since its a web based app, users have the flexibility to access their content through any device that has a compatible web browser. Inkjet printers with 300+ DPI will work nicely with Printvid, most printers are easily capable of printing 1200 to 4800 DPI. Printvid is a crowdfunded project, it aims to raise $45,000. The lowest you can contribute right now is for 30 4D Printvids and an accompanying cloud account is $65.

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