ps4-blue-lightThe Sony PS4 has proven itself to be quite the best selling console so far, having managed to move more than 1 million units from store shelves into the hands of anticipating gamers in just 24 hours after launching in the US. In fact, in the UK alone, it has already become the fastest selling console of all time, passing the 250,000 mark in a short while, which has already zipped way ahead of the Nintendo Wii U’s total sales for an entire year. Yeah, you read that right – either the PS4 is a fast starter, or the Wii U is simply not gaining any traction at all with gamers in that part of the world.

The President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, has decided to share an important milestone with us gamers, where he mentioned that the “PS4’s global launch expanding to a total of 32 countries worldwide, including Europe and Latin America, I’m proud to announce that more than 2.1 million PS4s have been sold.” 2.1 million units sold globally in such a short period of time, now that is definitely impressive, and has also proven to be a record setter for the company and industry as well. Which side of the fence are you on? [Press Release]

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