r4isdhcI am quite sure that hardcore gamers on the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo 3DS would have heard of the R4 card as well as its range of variants before. This is one unique card that some say encourages piracy, while others claim that when used for good, would be able to deliver an enhanced gaming experience thanks to homebrew titles and apps. Well, it seems that the R4iSDHC, which is the successor to the hugely popular R4 flashcard, is able to support upgrades every single time, while offering the ability to burn games onto CDs, apart from creating programs that rely on home software and being able to burn audio and video onto CDs.

Anyone owning any of the Nintendo DS family devices who want to take their portable console to the next level might eventually see this to be an indispensable piece of equipment. We have also received word that the R4iSDHC will be getting a new official website, so that end users will be able to receive product upgrades and technical support in a more efficient manner. In fact, those who want the latest kernels can already head on there if they are interested to check out what’s new. [Press Release]

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